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Interest rates Up to 11.5% on FIXED DEPOSITS

Get your savings secured


Start saving in Recurring Deposit scheme

For your financial Advancement


Worried about your Retirement plans?

Invest in our Monthly Income Scheme




Get your Deposits Doubled

Invest in our Double Deposit Scheme

About Us

We are a Co-Operative Society into banking services by profession, motivated by a touch of diligence, honesty, empathy, and fondness for civil equity, endeavour to cure the misery of every individual who endured massive interests on their loans. We don't spare every effort to accomplish an impartial and vibrant society where the people are treated irrespectively of their capital.

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Our Schemes

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Fixed Deposit

Highest Interest rates up to 11.5%

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Monthly Income Scheme

Get your Interest as Monthly Income

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GK Gold

Get gold for today's rate

NEFT, RTGS, and Core Banking Services

Our Workplace

A professional workplace for a productive, flexible, and resilient working experience. Also, a great workplace culture facilitates learning opportunities.

The culture of a workplace - an organization's values, norms and practices - has a huge impact on our happiness and success.